Architecture is not simply the construction of a building, it’s the physical embodiment of a society. 

 I originally established my name as a roofing contractor working throughout the United States. I’ve added my architectural vision to many of the skylines in America’s greatest cities. While I’ve worked on several skyscrapers and urban developments, my passion is in building unique, custom living spaces. My most recent project is my in-home music studio

Music has always been my true passion in life. Roofing was a way to pay the bills while I played guitar, wrote songs, and mixed/ mastered albums. Building a studio mixes my passion for architecture, roofing, and rustic design. I love cabins and rustic aesthetic, so the whole studio blends refurbished wood with modern sound dampening technology.  

This blog is going to blend the recording of music with thoughts on proper construction technique. Providing the know-how for not only creating a great audio mix, but also building the proper recording space at the start. We’ll be covering recording everything from guitar, drums, and synthesizers to classical instruments like the violin and cello.  

Daniel Strong