7 Warning signs you need a new roof

New roofAt times a roof can reach the end of its useful life without having roof failures. When your roof looks worn and old, you need to plan for a replacement. The appearance and value of your home is impacted by the roof you have. Delayed replacement of a roof could result in bigger problems over time. It is important to know the warning signs so as to know and prepare yourself in time for roof replacement. Here are some signs that you need a new roof.

Roof age

According to experts, a typical roof last for a period of 20years to 25 years. Many factors can accelerate the aging of your roof. This could include factors such as improper roof ventilation, weather conditions, improper installation and also irregular maintenance.

Missing shingles

Inspect and ascertain that your shingles are intact. If you find some shingles missing, it could mean your is falling. Missing shingles indicate that the uniformity of your roof’s protection value is lost. To avoid water damages and rot, you need to get your roof replaced.

Granule loss

The loss of granules is indicated by the presence of black spots on your roof. You may notice these granules in the gutters. The granules help in weatherproofing. They not only protect your roof from the ultraviolet rays but also improving the water-shedding capabilities of your roof. Roofs mostly loose more granules when approaching the end of their life cycle and therefore you will need to replace your roof.

Sunlight through roof boards.

This will mean you need to replace your roof as soon as possible. At this point, the damage has managed its way through the layers and therefore you may need to replace your roof. This will help you prevent damages from water and the sun.

Shingles curling and buckling

Over time, the wear and tear of storms can damage shingles. If you notice shingles are curling, buckling, splitting and losing their water resistance, it may mean your shingles are past their life expectancy.

Roof valleys

One of the most important areas of your roof are the valleys. The valley help by directing rain and snow into the gutters. When valleys get damaged, your home will be more susceptible to roof leaks.

Chimney flashing

You also need to pay attention to this area. If your flashing is made of tar or roof cement, it may require replacement with a long-term water-tight fitting.

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